Weddings and baptisms are held accompanied by Greek wine dancing and singing. Food and entertainment can be adjusted according to the homelands of the surrounded by tens of churches in the historic center of Athens beneath the Acropolis with a view to Athens.

Live cooking for Groups in which customers participate actively in the preparation of dishes from the Cyclades and the Crete. The menu consist of 14 different dishes made by the products of Cyclades or Crete. The guests watch a short length movie about the histoy of the Cyclades and the Crete according to their preference and they receive a souvenir booklet with the history and the recipes in the natice language (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, and Russian). The Groups must comprise of more than 15 people.

After having visited the Acropolis the best place for you to sit, eat and enjoy the view of the city centre of Athens is Xenios Zeus restaurant. Mrs Lena, the cook, welcomes the customers and makes any necessary adjustments –in case of allergies or health issues- in order to make everybody have a delightful meal. All the tourists who visit our hometown must taste the gastronomical treasure of Greece and the authentic Greek products.