Main Courses

Stuffed lamb Leg with various cheese, aromatic vegetables, wrapped in vine leaves

Lamb chops

Fried meatballs with fresh minced meat (family recipe)

Pork steak

Stuffed roast pork with cheese, in red wine sauce and potatoes

Meatballs in sauce

Beef Burger

Pork Rosto (Naxos)

Bekri meze

Grilled chicken Fillet

Grilled pork fillet

Goat (recipe from Sfakia)

Shrimps saganaki

Stuffed squid

Fried codfish with Skordalia (garlic and potato spread with walnuts)

Fried codfish with onions


Boiled Octopus vinaigrette

Roast Potatoes

White bean soup

Stewed giant beans

Gemista (Stuffed Tomatoes and Bell Peppers with rice and aromatic herbs)

Kremydontolmades (stuffed onions with rice, tomatoes & aromatic herbs)

Merakli’s aubergines (with tomato sauce in the oven)


Wedding Risotto (pilaf served during wedding festivities. The rice is cooked in stock of meat and fresh butter)