Cretan caltsounia with myzithra cheese

Pastry rolls filled with Pastourma (highly seasoned cured beef)

Traditional mini Eggplant pies

Taramosalata (creamy dip made from white fish roe)

Tzatziki (Greek yogurt with cucumber, garlic and olive oil)

Spicy cheese salad (cheese paste)

Farmhouses pies with aromatic herbs

Traditional mini cheese pies

Croquettes with Feta cheese and Anthotyro (Crème cheese)

Split peas puree

Hummus (sesame seed paste with chickpeas)

Feta cheese

Grilled peppers with yogurt sauce and garlic

Graviera cheese from Naxos


Courgette and potato bake, a Cretan specialty

Feta Saganaki (fried cheese with honey and sesame)

Dolma (stuffed vine leaves with rice and egg & lemon sauce)

Grilled mushrooms

Kopanisti (very spicy soft cheese)

Chickpeas balls (Sifnos) with Hummus (sesame seed paste)

Skordalia (garlic and potato spread)

Saganaki (Fried Gruyere cheese with fresh butter)

Fried zucchini

Fried aubergines

Cheese Pie

Traditional pie with Herbs

Oil and sesame cookies

Zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, herbs and yogurt sauce

Fried tomato balls (with tomatoes from Santorini)

Cheese with subtle wine taste